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With the demand for Spanish channels more and more. We specialize in installing Spanish television channels that meet the language system of each state of Spain … with a variety of solutions for customers.

With experience in installing international channels, we always meet all the needs of foreign channels of our customers. In addition, we specialize in construction, installation and maintenance of television projects of dormitories of industrial parks, hotel, resort resorts, television projects for hotels and hotels with many modern solutions. , to save costs, meet technical standards … to satisfy all requirements of foreign channel installation of customers. We always develop the team and team specializing in design and construction of internal cable television system for hotels and resorts, build the system according to the channel list of customers required.


With a wide range of languages ​​depending on the state, the list of Spanish TV channels is often very long, we serve the language that viewers can follow and understand. Please update the new movies, hot news in Spain in particular and in the general area as well as enjoy the classic Spanish movies with the most attractive, characteristic and exciting choreography. in Spanish channels through the installation of Spanish television service today.

TVE is a Spanish international television channel belonging to the Spanish national television station. TVE broadcasts syndicated news programs, Spanish agenda, TV series and documentaries …

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